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OOH - All Weather Hood

 HMI  OOH Series - All Weather Hood

General Information on the  HMI HOYME  OOH - All Weather Hood
The Hoyme OOH Series - All Weather Hood is an Inlet Only Hood.
(The Outlet hood Damper model is the
BDH - Back Draft Hood Damper )

The OOH - All Weather Hood comes in two styles.

The Regular screen mount is a permanent mounted 1/4" screen in the opening of the hood.

The Velcro screen mount is a removable 1/4" screen which allows it to be cleaned or then used as a outlet hood.

These hoods typically range from 4" - 12" in diameter.
Contact Factory if other sizing is required.

In addition the hoods are made in your choice of regular or painted white metal.

OOH - All Weather Hood - Inlet Hood OOH - All Weather Hood - Inlet Hood - White Painted Metal

Model Number Identification:

OOH - **00 - 000 (-V)


Where ** is the diameter of the Hood and (-V option indicates a Velcro mounted screen)

For example, an 8" All Weather Hood - Regular Mount would be

 OOH - 0800 - 000
Example with a 12" All Weather Hood with a Velcro Mount:

OOH - 1200 - 000 - V

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