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ADP - OMV2 - S5A - (250 mVdc to 100 Vdc safety control circut with 24Vac switching with a manual override Test/Run switch)

HMI Interface Relay Adaptors 

HMI Hoyme ADP- 0MV2 - S5A

Interlocking Relay Adaptor: for combustion fresh air inlet damper HOM - 24Vac; connects to 250 mVdc to 100 Vdc - 2 wire safety control system. Damper proves to be open before fire starts. Comes with 2 relays, printed circuit & Test/Run switch. Also ideal for commercial use.

Installation Instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

Colored Wiring Diagrams used with the ADP-0MV2-S5A 

#. - Basic Wiring Diagram


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