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TMADP-1102-TPX - Installation Instructions

Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

TMADP-1102-TPX - Information Page


Installation Instructions for HMI HOYME TMADP - 1102 – TPX

Interconnects 24Vac Interval Timer and/or 120Vac Manual Switch to:

Exhaust Fan, Furnace Circulation Fan and Fresh Air Inlet Damper
Relay Coils: One-120Vac and One-24 Vac. Contact Points: 10/5 Amps

Installation Of This Adaptor Shall Be In Accordance With The Requirements Of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction. 


Refer also to HMI Installation Instructions: 

ADP-1102-TPX; ADP-1102-S5A; ADP-1101-05A; and ADP-0241-05A.





 4” x 8 1/4” x 2 1/2”

   101 x  206  x 64 mm


This TMADP-1102 adaptor with two relays and a 24Vac interva­l timer, together with a  central ventila­tion switch, acts as an automatic/manual con­trol cen­tre to simultaneously start a principal exhaust fan, turn on a fur­nace fan, and open a fresh air inlet dampe­r (If used).

Fitness of this Timer/Adaptor combination to satisfy air supply requirements for fuel fired appliances during operation of the inter-co­nnected exhaust fan(s) shall be investigated by the enforcing authorities.

Air intake duct installation shall be in accordance with: In Canada - CAN/CSA B149 & B139; In the USA – ANSI/NFPA 54, 2006, ANSI Z223.1 and/or local codes including local codes relating to ventilation air duct installation.


I.D.: TMADP -1102 -TPX comes with 24Vac interval tim­er;

- 1 relay: Coil -120Vac, Contacts 5 Amps;

- 1 relay: Coil - 24Vac, Contacts 10 Amps.


- Adaptor line voltage leads connected to the appliance controlled line voltage shall be suitably cabled, fastened and en­closed in suitable raceways.

- Refer to local and applicable codes.

- Always conduct a thorough checkout after installation is complete.

- Affix appropriate labels and follow instructions and warnings on each label.


1. Turn thermostat to lowest setting.

2. Turn off electrical power to furnace.

3. Turn off electrical power to exhaust fan circuit.

4. Select suitable location for TMADP-1102-TPX. 

Connecting Adaptor to 24Vac circuit: 

5. Connect:
TMADP terminal 5 to Furnace R;
TMADP terminal 3 to Furnace C; and
TMADP terminal 6(GF) to Furnace G. 

NOTE: If thermostat wire G is connected to Furnace G, disconnect it from Furnace G and reconnect it to TMADP 7(GTThen connect TMADP 6(GF) to furnace G.

Connecting Adaptor to 120Vac circuit:

6. Connect:
TMADP RED wire to 120Vac live;
TMADP BLACK wire to controlled side of fan switch;
TMADP WHITE wire to 120Vac common.
Follow applicable codes. 

7. Mount inlet Damper in a suitable location on the return plenum and fasten inlet duct to the  damper. Damper may also be placed in-line with inlet duct. Connect the two motor wires to 

terminals 3 & 1 for Power Open damper
                                               - or - 
TMADP terminals 3 & 2 for Power Close damper. 

8. TIME­R: Set cycles as per instructions with it. 

9. Turn on 120Vac power supply to exhaust fan and 120Vac power supply to furnace.

10. Turn on manual exhaust fan switch. Ex­haust fan, furnace circulation fan (if not run­ning) and damper will re­spond simultane­ously­. Turn off exhaust fan switch­.

11. Turn interval timer clockwise through one full turn (24 hrs.) to test chosen settings. Exhaust fan, furnace circulation fan and damp­er will respond simultaneously for each setting. S­et timer for time of day.

12. Turn thermostat to normal setting and furnace will operate normally.

Note: Use TMADP-1103-TPX and follow its Installation Instructions if inlet damper is to open also during furnace firing.







Note: this marking is also on label to be affixed adjacent to appliance wiring dia­gram.


Additional wire shall be of the same size as originally used when completing electric circuits.



For more information, please contact
HMI HOYME Manufacturing Inc.
@ 1-800-661-7382

Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

TMADP-1102-TPX - Information Page

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