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ADP-0240-1WS - Installation Instructions

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On/Off Switch - Damper Control/Furnace Fan Control

Easy to Follow Installation Instructions for the

HMI HOYME Adaptor ADP-0240-1WS

Damper Control: Heating Systems that have a Fresh Air Intake Duct leading into the return plenum might be equipped with a Power Close or a Power Open Damper*. This Adaptor Switch is designed to control a Power Close Damper. The thermostat usually causes this damper to open for fresh air during furnace firing. This Adaptor is designed to open the Fresh Air Damper at times other than when the furnace is firing.  Finding and purchasing an enclosure and all the necessary extras can be time consuming.

By purchasing this Ready Mounted On/Off Switch (ADP-0240-1WS) in a CSA approved enclosure will save a lot of trouble and expense.

*(For controlling a Power Open Damper, see instructions for 3-Way Switch ADP 0240-3WS.)

Furnace Fan Control: This switch is also used as a manual furnace fan control switch. Simply connect this on/off switch to furnace terminals “G” & “R” and when the switch is turned on, the furnace fan will run. This is useful when manual operation of the furnace fan is not possible with the thermostat alone.



Installation of this Adaptor to a Power Close Damper:


1. Mount the Adaptor ADP-0240-1WS in a convenient place or around the furnace area with two screws supplied.

2. Inside the adaptor are three terminals, the two outside ones are part of the on/off switch.
(see wiring diagram)

3. The center terminal is not part of the switch and is only there to connect any other wiring that may be joined together
(instead of using a wire nut).

4. Using 2C/18 gauge thermostat wire, connect on/off switch in series with one wire from the power to the damper and the other wire direct from the power to the damper.

Power Close Damper with the Switch turned ON: Normal operation with the damper remaining closed until the thermostat causes the damper to open.

Power Close Damper with Switch turned OFF: Power is cut to the damper allowing the damper to spring open.

ADP-0240-1WS - Wiring Diagram

This wiring diagram is also found inside the cover of the Adaptor


Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

ADP-0240-1WS - Information Page

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