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ADP - 0243 - S5A - (24Vac - coils with 24Vac switching and manual override Test/Run Switches)

HMI  Interface Relay Adaptors

HMI Hoyme ADP- 0243 - S5A

24Vac Interlocking Relay Adaptor: for combustion fresh air inlet dampers and Flue Dampers using 24Vac safety control systems. Dampers prove to be open before fire starts. 

This Adaptor, with three relays, senses 24Vac signal from stat, proves a 24Vac damper to be open and then sends a signal back to stat circuit for firing. 

Comes with three - 24Vac relay & two Test/Run switches. 

Also ideal for commercial use.

Installation Instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

Colored Wiring Diagrams used with the ADP-0243-S5A 

#. -
Basic Wiring Diagram - ADP-0243-S5A

#. - Typical Installation Diagram - ADP-0243-S5A

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