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HAC - Universal Air Damper - Installation Instructions

HAC- Installation Instructions - pdf file
HAC- General Info Sheet  - pdf file
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Installation and Wiring Options of the 
HMI   HOYME Motorized


Series  HAC  to control make-up, replacement, ventilation, and zone air  for residential and commercial use





INSTALLER must be a trained, qualified person. labels and damper position shall be readily visible when in the installed position. 


­ All electrical and building codes including local codes relating to air control and exhaust must be followed. A qualified contractor shall be consulted regarding these installations.

- Always conduct a thorough check-out after installation is complete.
Sequence the appliance through at least three normal cycles to confirm proper operation.
- Affix appropriate labels and follow instructions and warnings on each label.

This Series HAC , universal motorized Air Control Damper (24Vac or 120Vac) , fastens to an air duct in-line to control the flow of air, partially or completely, depending on its mechanical setting.

The HAC damper may be one of the following:

- One motor (typically up to 9 "Ø) ,
- Spring Return actuator (typically 8 - 12 )
- Belimo actuator (typically 8 "Ø or larger) .

The Belimo actuator is typically used for dampers in excess of 8" in diameter, but may be used on various sizes. 

There are three basic Belimo actuator types used.
- On/Off, Spring return
- 3-wire On/Off
- 3-Wire Modulating Type

Some of these Belimo models include
- 24Vac, 24Vac/dc, 120Vac, and 100-230Vac options.

Each Belimo model comes with their own safety and installation instructions for wiring along with the damper. 

Specifications for One Motor:
Volts‑24 Vac, 50/60 Hz. Motor 5 Watts .
Relay Coil 0.05 Amps(if used).

Damper Identification:
e.g.:  HAC-06-1-1- SPC    -   H

HAC- Nomenclature Chart

The heat damper - ‘H’ has several options for wiring.

The flue damper - ‘F’ comes with strict   wiring & safety instructions .


 Typical 24Vac model         Typical 120Vac model
            wiring                                 wiring

HAC dampers may include a relay and/or end switch for interlocking to an appliance so that the damper proves its position before appliance operates.

i.e. HAC-xx11- SPC                   HAC-xx10-SPO



ELECTRICAL WIRING shall be done in accordance with the National Electrical Codes or with Local Codes where they prevail. Additional wire shall be of the same size and type as used with existing control circuits. Wiring thereto shall be well secured and reasonably remote from any source of heat.  


HAC-  Installation Instructions  - pdf file
HAC-  General Info Sheet  - pdf file 

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