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Colored Wiring Diagram #11B

Domestic Hot Water with Power Vent, Combustion Air Damper 

 HMI Hoyme Manufacturing Inc. Special Note: Circuits are colored for clarification only and are not necessarily those found in actual installations. Wires of the Combustion Air Damper, however, are colored as shown .

Color Wiring Diagram #11B

Diagram #11B: Domestic Hot Water with Power Vent having a combustion air supply duct. Damper is INTERLOCKED to prove to be open before Power Vent fan runs.

1. Combustion Air Damper (HOM-0x11-SF1) . 
2. Interface Relay Adaptor (ADP-1102-S5A) functions as a control centre. 
3. Continuous 24Vac power supply. 
1. Power Vent signal from hot water tank directed to Relay adaptor to open the damper.  
2. After Damper proves to be opened (INTERLOCKED), the Power Vent Fan will turn on. 

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